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Group Therapy in Franklin, TN

Group Therapy is a style of therapy in which the group itself is the main instrument of therapeutic change. A therapy group will be faciliated by one or more facilatators or therapists with several people synonymously and can be conducted for family therapy or a group of individuals. Group therapy is a dynamic process that encourages and utilizes relationships between members and therapists to create insight, build skills and work toward overall relational health.

Group Therapy

Therapy groups tend to be vibrant and full of life; one is never the same as another. It is common to feel alone in the process of healing, and a group can offer valuable community and validation when working through your personal issues or family history. Both family and group therapy are powerful methods of working through trauma and can be done in conjunction with individual therapy as there are subtlties that make them each valuable in different ways.

Types of Therapy Groups

Addiction Groups: Overcoming an addiction involves many steps. It usually begins with detox and then moves on to treatment in a residential or outpatient facility. Treatment includes a variety of therapies and services, all designed to help you succeed. Besides individual therapy, you can also benefit from a strong group therapy program and the support it offers. In group therapy at TalkDr Christian Counseling, you can learn and grow from peers who know what you are going through because they have gone through it themselves. Talk Dr offers group therapy for:

Mandatory Groups: It is important to work with a trusted leading provider of quality alcohol awareness classes for drug education and DUI classes. You can attend one of TalkDr Christian Counseling's 12-step programs or Moral Reconation Therapy classes.

Family Therapy: At TalkDr Christian Counseling, we understand that there are many different reasons to begin therapy for families, and that there is no cookie-cutter form of treatment that works for everyone. The key elements we strive to offer is judgement free, full of support, and an overall concern for each and every family member's well being. Our counselors can custom an approach to meet your families such as 

Personal Growth Therapy: Personal growth can refer to anything that improves the quality of your life or contributes to the realization of your dreams and personal goals. TalkDr Christian Counseling offers a variety of personal growth classes such as:

  • Anger Management

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Establishing Christian Character

  • Overcoming Depression

  • Overcoming PTSD

Scheduling a Group Therapy class

To know which classes we currently have available, email us or call 615-985-TALK please contact TalkDr Christian Counseling in Franklin, Tennessee for more information. You can 

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