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12-Step Program
in Franklin, TN

The Twelve Steps as defined by Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is made up of twelve principles that you can apply in your life to help you become and stay sober. This powerful twelve-step treatment model has provided millions of people around the world the chance to break free and recover from drug or alcohol addiction, sex addiction, gambling, and other compulsive behaviors.

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According to the 12-steps of recovery, your path to recovery begins when you admit that you’re powerless over your addiction. During the recovery process, you’ll be encouraged to examine any mistakes you have made along the way and mend relationships with those you have hurt. While you don’t have to be religious to follow the guidelines and benefit from the Twelve Steps, the principles do refer to a higher power and God. TalkDr Christian Counseling offers a 12-step program.

What to expect in a 12-step program

There is a lot of value to a 12-step program. Here is a quick overview of what you can expect during this form of therapy:

  • A hope or a sense of purpose when in life

  • A reason to go on living, when all seems lost and dark

  • Happiness because you are getting free of the ideas and behaviors that kept you in addiction

Individual or Group Therapy Programs

TalkDr Christian Counseling offers individual and group therapy using the 12-step program. Both have proven very effective when coupled with a 12-step program.

Some people think that step work is going to be hard and grueling. However, most individuals enjoy the steps and look forward to working them or taking another person through them. Working these steps helps you to stay sober and change your old ways. We then help another addict or alcoholic through the steps in order to give back what we have received. This is the cycle that keeps the 12-step fellowship strong. 

Recovery happens every day in 12-step groups. Belonging to a group is not appealing to most addicts, at first glance. However, the relief from chronic and active addiction is worth the attempt. Everyone deserves to be free of addiction and the horrible pain it creates. Recovering with others who are completely aware of these feelings is a blessing for everyone. The fellowship formed in 12-step recovery meetings is something to experience first-hand. Bonds formed are strong, and friendships last lifetimes for millions of previously hopeless addicts.


Working the 12-Step Program

If you'd like to learn more about TalkDr's 12-step programs, please reach out to TalkDr Christian Counseling at 615-985-TALK today or you can read more about our individual therapy and group therapy programs.

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