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  • How much does a session cost?
    The base (minimum) fee is $100/hour with most sessions lasting an hour and a half. Each, per-hour fee is based on $1 per $1K of your combined household’s annual gross. For example: If your household annual income is $100K/year, the corresponding fee would be $100 per hour. Your full fee is never more than $200/hour.
  • Do you accept insurance?
    We do accept some insurance. Please check with your insurance company to ensure we are on their provider list. If we are not and if you have a PPO, I can provide a “superbill” which you can submit to your insurance for reimbursement.
  • Will you do remote sessions?
    Yes, I will do Facetime, Skype and telephone sessions per your request.
  • How do I know if you’re the right therapist for me?
    All therapists utilize a wide variety of personal and professional experiences. Please ask me about mine to see if I’m the best fit for you. The most significant predictor of successful therapy is the relationship between counselor and counselee. Thus, if it feels right when we talk, we’re off to a good start. God is in control and if He wants us to meet, you’ll know it.
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