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Biblical Counseling in Franklin, TN

Biblical Counseling is the process where the Bible and God’s Word is related individually to a person or a family struggling under the weight of life's difficulties. Personal issues can be related to personal sin, trauma, or relationship difficulties and can be addressed biblically through scripture and prayer. 


It is important to understand the foundational beliefs of your Biblical counselor. Here is an overview of the core Christian belifs of the team at TalkDr Christian Counseling.

First, we believe that the Bible is the Word given by God. It is sufficient enough to impact your life today and, when properly interpreted, reveals to the believer all the necessary information to understand the will of Christ in your life, how you can please the Lord, and how to live in a God-honoring way regardless of the circumstances. 

Second, we believe that genuine heart change is totally dependent on the ministry of the Holy Spirit. Thus, our view of counseling practice includes the importance of prayer, dependence on God, a thorough knowledge of the Word of God, and an understanding of ministering to people.   


The licensed therapists and mental health professionals at TalkDr Christian Counseling offer faith-based guidance to help you navigate the challenges you face. We offer a variety of proven therapeutic methods depending on your unique situation and needs. Your counselor will listen to your story and work with you to achieve the goals set in your treatment plan. 

Below are some of the Biblical therapy options that TalkDr Christian Counseling provides:

Biblical Individual Counseling

These past few years have been particularly taxing on many of us and talking to someone may be able to help you naviagate the next steps. 

Biblical Marriage Counseling

Making sure your marriage thrives is important. A good way to ensure this is through pre-marital therapy or, if you're already married, couples therapy.

Biblical Family Therapy

Attending a family therapy session, can help you and your loved ones benefit now and in the future. Family counseling provides the necessary time to speak truthfully in a safe space monitored by a trained counselor.

Biblical Group Therapy

Finding your people can be transformative, and that’s why group therapy with a handful of others and a therapist can help with so many different situations. 

If one of these therapy options sounds like something you'd like to pursue, please contact TalkDr Christian Counseling in Franklin, Tennessee for a free 15-minute phone consultation: email us or call 615-985-TALK

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