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Sozo Prayer in Franklin, TN

SOZO is an inner healing prayer ministry model that was developed by Bethel Church in Redding, California.  It is not a counseling session but a prayer encounter designed to get you more fully connected to God, yourself and others.  Instead of telling you what a therapist thinks you should do about a situation, we help you hear from God as to what He thinks about you, others in your life and your diificult situation.

Devote Woman

The word "SOZO" is a Greek word in the New Testament that as it is applied to the body, soul or spirit. It is translated as "saved", "healed" or "delivered".  It is not unusual for those having a session to receive physical, emotional or spiritual healing as they hear directly from God. Most of those receiving a Sozo see tremendous breakthrough during their encounter.

What to expect during a SOZO Ministry

A Sozo session is designed to provide Holy Spirit-led wholeness and freedom for the person being ministered to. Sozo requires the presence of a mediator who will walk you through a time of prayer and reflection to facilitate intimacy with God. You will be encouraged to“visualize” God in a difficult situation and allow him to indentify any open doors that have allowed pain and/or sin to enter your life, closing those doors, and “sealing” them by the blood of Jesus.

One of the emphases of Sozo is extending forgiveness to those who have wounded or in some way committed an offense against you. Forgiveness is granted in order to bring about certain blessings:

  • Relief of a burden you have carried

  • Freedom from a “prison of torment”

  • Closes a door prohibiting Satan to continue to access your lif


Break free from what's holding you back

If Sozo prayer ministry sounds like the perfect opportunity for you to break free, please contact TalkDr Christian Counseling in Franklin, Tennessee for a free 15-minute phone consultation email us or call 615-985-TALK

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