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Attachment Therapy
in Franklin, TN

Attachment therapy is based on attachment theory and helps one explore childhood experiences that may have impacted their adult ability to form meaningful bonds. Attachment therapy is usually recommended for individuals with negative childhood experiences however it is very helpful therapy for those that have the inability to foster deep connections with others.

Drapes and Hugs

Participants of an MRT group will examine underlying thinking patterns which have influenced behavior resulting in involvement in the criminal justice system. Through examining thoughts and behaviors, participants will increase their moral reasoning by looking at the impact of their behavior on not only themselves but also their relationships. Other benefits of MRT include developing a better self-concept, developing honesty and accountability, and establishing short-term and long-term goals. 

How Attachment-Based Therapy Works?

In attachment therapy, TalkDr Christian Counseling will help you explore how you relate to yourself and others as a result of your early attachment experiences. You will look at how these experiences have taught you about safety and closeness—within yourself, in relationships, and in the world. 

During attachment-focused therapy, you and your counselor will look at the primary goals of this type of therapy:

  • Normalizing attachment needs—past and present

  • Finding and tending to unresolved childhood wounds

  • Nurturing under-developed parts of your soul

  • Learning what safe bonding and vulnerability look like and feel like

  • Rediscover your innate self-compassion and self-protection instincts


What Are the Goals of Attachment Therapy?

  1. Creating a secure base: This means working through challenges and miscommunications and establishing enough safety to navigate areas of your childhood wounds and trauma triggers.

  2. Reclaiming lost childhood trauma: This means discovering what emotions or needs you had to suppress or amplify in order to try and get your needs met as a child. We also work on acknowledging and strengthening the pieces of you that helped you to survive.  

  3. Integrate: Attachment therapy can sometimes bring up feelings of disconnection within the self, as we begin to discover who you are beneath your childhood trauma. The process of integrating involves making room for the past and present, the child and adult self, and the evolution that will likely continue far into your future.

Is Attachment-Based Therapy Right for you?

If you’re wondering whether Attachment Therapy could be beneficial for you or someone that you love, TalkDr Christian Counseling is here to help. Please contact TalkDr Christian Counseling in Franklin, Tennessee for a free 15-minute phone consultation email us or call 615-985-TALK

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