Kate offers a down-to-earth approach to counseling, meeting clients at the place of pain or opportunity. She is compassionate and empathetic while desiring to draw people into a closer relationship with God. With a master’s degree in marriage & family therapy and clinical psychology, Kate has over 3000-hours of experience working with a variety of clients including teenagers in crisis, sex offenders, and those with a history of sexual or physical abuse. 

In her early years, Kate never thought that God would be calling her to counsel, even though throughout her life, her family and friends always encouraged her to be a counselor. As someone who could always effectively read the room—even when she was a child—Kate always had the ability to stop for the one person who needed a friend. But it wasn’t until she interned at Christian Encounter Ranch, did she find her true calling.

At Christian Encounter Ranch, most campers were struggling with maladaptive behaviors, prostitution, drug addiction, self-harm, sex addictions, and all forms of abuse. They suffered from little to no connections outside of the ranch. After meeting and connecting with an incredibly difficult camper named Sarah (not her real name), just out of prostitution, and seeing her transformation, Kate was moved to pursue to be used more for the Kingdom of God, to love the ones that have never experienced love in healthy ways, and to achieve her LMFT(A) license.


Kate is a Licensed Sex Offender Treatment Provider in California with extensive experience working through clients’ denial and resistance and supporting in replacement of maladaptive behaviors. She helps clients to create new behaviors and empathy, exploring attachments and trauma, while implementing hope utilizing a strength-based approach to counseling.


Trained in the Rogerian Approach to counseling and cognitive behavioral therapy, Kate challenges you to help reshape your thinking and identify triggers that set you off. Kate utilizes an integrative approach to cater to your needs, allowing you to explore your own individual thoughts, emotions, and behaviors in a safe environment.


Kate is a Prepare and Enrich facilitator and works to quickly understand a couple’s relationship dynamics. Using an objective report and framework, couples who participate in a Prepare/Enrich program experience a deeper understanding of each other and grow more than they would on their own. She is licensed in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) which helps clients to heal from the symptoms and emotional distress that are the result of disturbing life experiences. 


As a facilitator of Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT), Kate leverages this counseling program to address beliefs and reasoning in a systematic, step-by-step group counseling environment. 

When not counseling, Kate enjoys reading and studying, disconnecting from her phone, and enjoying backpacking trips in the woods. She works out regularly and lifts weights to help empower her and love who she is. Her favorite things are enjoying a good movie, being around animals, doing a DIY project, seeing new places, and trying new food. She loves a good bonfire with friends, bringing the community together, and helping others believe in achieving their goals. 

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